Website In a Day

Your VIP Day

Need a Website WAY sooner rather than later that connects with your ideal client?

If so, then a VIP day might be just what you need to quickly get a website that gets you the results you want.
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How it Works

This is the journey we'll go on to get you the website you want, fast

Discovery Call

We'll hop on a quick 15 minute call to find out what your primary needs are and see if we'll be a good fit

Deep Dive

We'll have a longer call, 1-2 hours to really dig into the details of what your business goals are for your website and what you are going for in terms of look and feel of your site

Branding & Content

Before we meet for our VIP day, you'll do some leg work, i.e. work through the branding board workbook and accompanying video clips, and gather all written content, images, and any video clips you might want to use on your site.  

You'll also determine what items, if any, that you'd like training on in order to be able to do them on your own, like, editing your site's content


We will spend a 4-8 hour day together.  I'll take care off all the techie heavy lifting while you sit back and watch your site come together in real time.  You'll also get video training on anything you'd like to be able to do to your site on your own

Care Plan

23 June 2016
You get one of my care plans for 1 month for FREE.  That means I'll take care of all the site maintenance and security, and you'll have 1 hour of support for any minor updates you'd like to make
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