The Web design party course

You know those "Paint and Sip" art classes where you sip your glass of wine while the teacher gives step-by-step instructions on how to craft your work of art?

This is that course, but instead of painting, you'll be crafting a winning website.

What Is The Web Design Party Course?

A five week course designed to get you the information you need to get the website you've always wanted.

How It Works

Pre-Course Work

15 Minute Creative Call

23 January 2016
We'll hop on a quick Zoom call to get figure out what your business goals are and get the creative juices flowing.

Fill Out Website Goals and Copywriting Template

17 February 2016
Before the course begins you'll fill out the Website Goals and Copywriting Template so that you can hit the ground running for the first week of class

Week 1: Content and the Backend Basics

Find The Best Images for Your Site and Optimize Them For SEO

We'll explore some free and paid sites to get stock images and also discuss options for using your own images.  Then we'll get them primed for SEO.

Keyword Research

Figure out what questions your ideal clients are asking so that you can show them how you have the perfect solution for them.

WP Backend Tour

Learn what you need to know to craft your website's pages and posts and how to add any functionality that you might want.

Oxygen Library

We'll explore some of the pre-made blocks and pages available to you and learn how to customize them.

Week 2:  Drawing Your Site Visitors In

5 Second Hot Seat

Get live feedback on how well your site quickly communicates what you do and how you can help people.

Branding Magic

Gain instant trust and credibility with your site visitors by how you present your information, namely, the layout of your site, and your font and color palette selections.

Lead Magnet Brain Storming

Learn what you need to know to craft your website's pages and posts and how to add any functionality that you might want.

Anatomy of a Converting Homepage

This part of the course answers the question of what should your website have on it to draw your visitors into opting into whatever your optin is.

Week 3: SEO and User Experience

Other Pages

Putting together your the other pages for your website such as your About, Contact, and Product/Services pages.

SEO Check

Here, we'll make sure that your content has the right keywords in the right places to help people and search engines understand what your content is all about so that people find your articles and stick around to read them.

Page Speed Check

Using various online tools to make sure your site is blazing fast so that Google sees people having a good user experience and will keep sending people your way.

The "mom" Check

If your mom landed on your website, would she be able to easily know what it was all about and be able to navigate around it like a pro?

Week 4: Making Your Site Responsive and Protecting It

Making Your Website Look Great on Any Device

Checking your website to make sure it  looks clean and attractive on any screen size

Securing Your Website

Putting the safeguards in to keep your website safe and sound.

Protecting Your Business

Things that every website should have to make sure that you and your company are protected from a legal standpoint.

Website Launch

Getting all the items a footer section should have in the right places.

Care Plan

1 month of the basic care plan package for FREE
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