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Your Project Journey

Get Acquainted

23 January 2016
We’ll meet on a quick 15-30 minute call so that we can get to know each other and learn more about your business goals.

Deep Dive Planning

17 February 2016
This is a deep dive 1-2 hour call. During the call, we will come up with strategies to design your website so that it accomplishes the business goals that are most important to you. While color and font choice are important, this goes beyond that to set milestone goals. This is the game plan we’ll use to prioritize and achieve your goals

Website Mapping

6 March 2016
After we have our game plan, a visual representation of it will be created (called a wireframe). We’ll review and restyle the wireframe until it matches up with your business goals.

Web Design and Development

1 April 2016
We’ll start with your Homepage and dial in the content, colors, and fonts to get the look and feel you want. With this in mind, we’ll design the rest of your pages to create a cohesive look. You’ll get the training you need to easily add to and update your content.


6 March 2016
This is where overall review and testing takes place. We’ll make sure your website has hit all its milestones and is a quality site you can be proud of.


1 April 2016
This is where we make your website live for all to see and admire. We’ll do one more round of tests to make sure that everything functions and looks as it should now that your website has transitioned from development playground to live site.

Care Plan

23 June 2016
We won’t leave you all by your lonesome self. You have 60 days of free care and support as well as video tutorials for the edits and updates.

Ready to go?

Let's do this thing!
Working with WP Expeditions has been a very pleasant experience! Jodi was honest and straight forward.

She paid very close attention to detail and she listened to what I asked for. We met several times to go over my project at different stages of the build and she asked me to review and give my opinion at each point.

She listened. My website is now a fully functional platform for me to interact with my potential customers.

You can tell that she is dedicated and has a passion for what she does. If you are looking for someone to build you a website, you don’t need to look any further.


Founder of MJW Bookkeeping

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